Have you ever used biodegradable bamboo fiber tableware? Do you know that it comes with a number of the benefits? Now, the catering companies, restaurants, and even the party hosts have started using the biodegradable bamboo fiber tableware. They find it as a better and cost-effective alternative to any other tableware. Besides, bamboo fiber tableware can improve the curb appeal. These are perfect for serving side dishes, appetizers, and salads.

Bamboo tableware is durable than the paper. Bamboo is eco-friendly and that make it biodegradable. Besides, harmful chemicals are not used in the processing process. When it comes to the appearance, the bamboo tableware comes with a charming and classy character that can easily get the attention. You can use them for the parties, restaurant, and special events.

In addition, bamboo is lightweight, but it is heavy duty and is able to hold up better than the paper. The best thing about the bamboo is that these are disposable and do not cause a threat to the environment. These are reusable also. If you want you can clean them and can keep for reuse.

From all the above discussion, you might be interested in the bamboo fiber. If you want to know what exactly it is and why it is preferred over papers, you can go through the following article. This article will offer all the required information about the bamboo fiber, benefits, and usages.

What is bamboo fiber?

Bamboo is not a new concept. Many of us are aware of the bamboo and its utilities. The bamboo fiber is a bit different. The property and composition will be same. But the fiber will go through the processing. The bamboo fibers are the outcome of the bamboo that is broken into powder to make the raw material to create different types of the products. They use the advanced technologies during the processes to create the new and different types of the biodegradable products that are environmentally friendly and durable.

The bamboo fiber is widely used in the current condition since they do not use any plastic, metal, talc, bleach and any harmful ingredients to make the final products. There will not be any chemical composition that makes it a safe choice for most restaurant and parties.

Bamboo fiber is considered as the best alternative to the paper. The bamboo can also be an ideal substitute for the china or glass. It is not about safety and environmental-friendly only, these are cost-effective as well. Bamboo fiber is affordable and cheaper than the china or glass tableware. But, the quality will be excellent and it can improve the appearance, like the similar products. You can get the bamboo plates, cutlery, dishes, and bowls that will fit into your budget and will create a friendly environment for your customers.

Why should you choose bamboo fiber?

You might be thinking that why you should the bamboo fiber when many alternatives are available. First of all, bamboo is safe and environmental-friendly. It is cost-effective as well. There will not be any chemical or harmful ingredients.

Bamboos are the fast renewable forest resources of China. It goes through a short growth cycle and you do not need any pesticide and fertilizer to speed up the growth process. Bamboo is the fastest growing plants in the world. All these factors make it one of the most preferred choices to use for the commercial purposes. Even the modern homes prefer to use the bamboo tableware due to its benefits. As mentioned earlier, bamboo is degradable and that is made by using the high temperature depending on the rice husk and bamboo power. Some other characteristics of the bamboo fiber are the followings.

• Not easy to wear and burn, like the paper.

• Non-toxic and safe and do not use the harmful ingredients.

• Recyclable and environmental-friendly.

• Classic look and eye-catching appearance.

What are the benefits to the environment?

Unlike the other tableware, bamboo fiber is environmental-friendly. It does not cause any threat to the environment. These are recyclable and reusable as well. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant and naturally biodegradable and eco-friendly. These plants can be grown without pesticides and fertilizers. You can decompose bamboo without any pollutant. Besides, bamboo is anti-microbial. It is resistant to the mold and mildew. Bamboo tableware will keep your food cold and hot for a long time.