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Lanphe Cleaning Cloths supplier is a non-public firm held in China.  We are the leading fabric and apparel brand industry in China and all over the world as a whole.  Since inception in 2009 and starting foreign trade in 2015 Lanphe is one of the maximum pleasant cleansing aids on the market nowadays due to its advantages.  Our products are oil unfastened, bacterial free, detergent free, and are without problems disposable and degradable to mention but a few. We have set an enviable status along with the most successful business firms, dominating the market with top notch commercial valuables. We provide excessive-grade of cleansing cloths to business users and individuals.

We stand behind our products materials 100% and with the pleasure in ourselves of providing customers with exceptional as well as outstanding service. Our multi-purpose cleansing cloths were made using the best quality substances and thanks to our set up partnership with our manufacturing crew who are well educated, professionals and qualified designers, and these are qualities ascertained that earned us certification by CE and ISO 9001. Working with professionals, we have been capable of offering our customers cool and custom-sized product in a ramification of colours and a wide range of cleaning weaves.

At Lanphe, we have made our mission to drive change, and our mission is ‘to make doing business easy’. Keeping this mission in mind, we come up with appropriate initiatives from time to time. We also react to challenges with artistic techniques and a new opportunity with creative projects. Our top priority every time is quality. Our goal is to add to progress and advancement of high-quality products in large volumes to the global market.

We delight ourselves on our customer service and admire that each client has individual and unique necessities. Each enterprise and groups are unique, and it’s crucial for us to deliver a product that meets the one’s requirements. Whether you’re a present client or potential patron, we’re happy to speak to you approximately your wishes and tailor an order as a consequence.

Over the years of existing, we have been able to manufacture these leading cleaning clothes, here are some of our products; Bamboo Charcoal Cleaning cloth, bamboo fibre wiping cloth industrial wiping cloth, loofah fibre dishcloth, non-woven cleaning cloth wood fibre cleaning cloth. The effectiveness of our cleaning material has earned us loves and affirmed as authentic from professionals within China and out of doors.

Our devices utilized in numerous aspect of production are shipped from Germany, giving us an amazingly low rate of errors within the purpose of manufacturing. We scientifically manage and synthesize the workflow to improve economic performance and labour productivity, by ensuring the coordination of packaging and shipping of products within links we cover.

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JacK Wong


We have a wonderful team, all of us could give you best service!

%High Quality Microfiber Cleaning Cloth %Disposable Nonwoven Cleaning Wipes

Tim Wu
Sales Manager

I will help your purchase exactly what you want with the highest satisfaction.

%High Quality Microfiber Cleaning Cloth %Disposable Nonwoven Cleaning Wipes

Rita Li
Designer Director

Good design has played a significant role in buying behavior. Let’s work together to make your customer delightful.

%High Quality Microfiber Cleaning Cloth %Disposable Nonwoven Cleaning Wipes

Eric Guo
Production Supervisor

It is my responsibility to keep your goods on time and to ensure that there is no quality problem.